Thursday, January 30, 2014


  Well now then, why in the world did that particular word pop into my mind when I was searching for a title? Actually, I sat down here to write a little explanation for the 10th time why I am not publishing on this blog. Wait..that would be a great title.."Ten Reasons Not to Write".  Lists are very popular online; the current trend is "Five Ways to ___, just fill in the blank. 
  Now about the title Expecting? Let's see what I can come up with using five ideas. 

  1. We were expecting winter and Christmas. Happy to report that both arrived and did not disappoint in anyway. Of course, winter is hanging around in full force. I think "Mother Nature" shown "Old Man Winter" a calendar and reminded him spring does not arrive until March. I am very   thankful for a warm cozy house. Checking family and friends and their     weather report and then sharing who has lowest temperatures has now   become a morning routine.
  2. I was expecting to learn how to use my new computer by now. I am about half way there. I like Windows 8.1, which is the main reason I bought a new computer. However, still haven't got it set up to my liking. (Note to self, stop fussing! Besides it's warmer by the fireplace and the iPad is fine and fun for reading.)
  3. Along with the new computer I was expecting to master new computer skills, online tricks, and decide what I will do in the blogging world. I am working on that. You should see the pages and pages of notes and ideas have come up with lately. Seems thinking and not doing has a definite hold on me. As does short-term memory problems, which means I have to relearn "how-to pages" each and every time I turn on the computer. 
  4. Mr. Bruce was expecting medical tests. That happened, and thankfully all is fine. Just what we expected.
  5. I am expecting more and more humor and friendship throughout 2014. Now that my friends, will be a blessed event indeed!
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