Saturday, November 2, 2013

N is for Nice Posts

One quick note: What happened to October? Another month of no writing, silly health issues, and yet, there are no good excuses.  Looking for the humor is the situation though. On the positive side.. I do keep up with Twitter.

  Now then, on to November, 2013. The first thing I learned about doing a 30 days of gratitude is that you should start on the first day. Oops! 

  November 1: Today is my Mother's birthday.. she would have been 101. (She has been gone many years, but I still think "Got to phone Mother and share this.") My mother, Dorothy, would have loved the computer and the internet. I can see her writing a blog, being on Facebook and email. Daddy, on the other hand, would be like Mr. Bruce. Computers are not his thing.
  The trees are still very pretty. We made a quick trip to Branson, MO to  the outlet mall. A lovely, sunny day in the Ozarks; the sun reflecting off the rust and brown hillsides made for a delightful ride.

  On to November 2. 
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