Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Laughing All the Way

   Isn't that the sweetest picture!! I know that all grandchildren are cute and precious, and all great grandparents adore their little ones. However, Hazelyn is our delightful little 10 month old darling, so we have bragging rights to her. 
  We met the kids at the Slice of Pie in Rolla Saturday. We, meaning Georgia, Mr. Bruce, and I, went to Rolla, MO on a fun overnight road-trip to visit them and to go to the Jeanne Robertson show that evening. Read about the show here. Short, but sweet visit with Ginny and Shane. Congratulations to them both on their recent graduations. 
  "Just the Driver" wanted to check out an antique mall to see if they had any Campbell 66 Express stuff. Of course, we didn't know exactly where it was located or how to get there; we took the scenic route. I saw parts of Rolla I didn't even know were there. He didn't find any Campbell things but Georgia found something for her Mom that they had been looking for years. I said that was a God Wink for sure.
  Actually, we were having so much fun all day, I am sorry a film company wasn't following us around. A day filled with laughs, silliness, oops moments, and general good times. One oops moment was a bottle of syrupy, bright red medicine spilling out in my tote bag. What a sticky mess! I am glad Georgia was along to help fix things; of course, she did that over and over all day. 
  The show was at the Leach Theatre on the Missouri S&T campus. It's a lovely theater, has ample parking and the nicest personnel and volunteers. We had the best seats in the house.. center stage, few rows up looking straight at Jeanne. I don't like front rows, hurts my neck to watch the show.. picky, aren't I? Part of our fun is watching the others reactions to Jeanne's stories. As expected, everyone was laughing until it hurt. Al McCree was there and took this picture. Georgia was wearing a gorgeous beaded collar; we could have auctioned it off while waiting in line so many women were admiring it. 
  I highly recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Rolla, everything was perfect. Sunday morning we met Jeanne for a cup of coffee and a quick hug. More giggles! Mr. Bruce took off his shoes to show his socks. He loves his Tommie Copper socks and tells everyone how wearing them helps his feet. I wonder what people thought when they went by and saw this scene? 

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