Saturday, September 28, 2013

1,500 Miles of Humor

  This time last week we were driving through a terrible storm on our way from Birmingham, AL to Kennesaw, GA. This was the only time that we had bad weather; sunshine and beautiful skies seemed to travel with us all week. We stopped often to give Mr. Bruce a rest since he did all of the driving. And every couple of hours one of us would say, "how does Jeanne do this week in and week out?" 
  We were in Birmingham to see Jeanne Robertson's show celebrating her 70th birthday. (Story on Jeanne Fun) Which brings me to "silly old Crims story #2") But guess I should first tell "silly old Crims story #1". Not to worry, although I could probably tell 99 stories, I won't.. not at the same time anyway. 

Story #1: Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, AL 
  We had heard about this place on different news shows; we promised ourselves that if we were ever in NE Alabama that we would go by and look around. Guess what? We were going to be in AL, so this was a must do. We drove to Murfreeboro, TN the first night out and was up bright and early to go to Scottsboro. We went through the most beautiful mountains and farmland, just a lovely drive.
  The Unclaimed Baggage place is huge! Rows and rows of racks filled with clothes, more than most large stores. Like books? They have books! The most fascinating area was all of the gadgets, iPads, laptops, cameras, etc. 
   Now let me explain something.. Mr. Bruce donates to thrift stores but he never, ever buys there. He speeds up and passes garage sale signs. So for him, this was a tourist stop. I found a watch and pair of sunglasses. I would love to go back and spend a full day; there is lots and lots to look at in two large buildings. Besides the people are so very nice. I read on the website that they will soon sell online, but don't now.  

Story #2: Lost in Birmingham (Click here for CVB) 
  OK, for the record, parts of this was not funny and it was both of our faults.
For weeks I had studied the web for every detail of the Alabama Theatre, Birmingham maps, hotel's website, etc. Our tickets and hotel info were safe in my bright yellow tote bag. Mr. Bruce had studied the atlas. We would locate the theater, then check into our rooms. Maybe do a little sight seeing, have a nice lunch.  All was OK.
  Except is wasn't OK. I "remembered" the wrong address. And Mr. Bruce got confused in all of the traffic.. "why do they have so many one way streets". After several hoops around downtown Birmingham, one would think one would stop at a McDonald's or somewhere to regroup. NO, we kept driving around. He and I were beside ourselves. He grabbed the yellow bag and yelled, "find the address". Well, Miss Efficiency hadn't bothered writing down the address because it was printed on the tickets. Wrong! No phone number on them either, just the Ticket Masters toll free number. (never try getting them for info) OK, I'll get my iPad.. oh dear, forgot I didn't have WiFi in car. And of course, when I tried getting my cell data on, I did something wrong and security kicked in and blocked everything. Meanwhile, we were still going in circles, although larger circles. I called my sister who wasn't home. I have dozens of people I could have called but when one is having major panic attack,one doesn't event think of that.
  We did have the hotel address, so he decided to find that. After all, an hour and half of looking at big buildings was enough. OK, all is good.. there is the street the hotel is on... oops, it's one way and that wasn't the way we wanted to go. This time we took a different tour of Birmingham and ended up at the zoo. Almost 2 hrs from when we saw the exit to Downtown Birmingham we arrived at the beautiful Westin. I was never so glad to see valets and bellboys. btw, the Westin is a new beautiful hotel. We loved it, everything was perfect. We booked through Priceline, very reasonable.
 By morning we were laughing at all of this. After all we were on our "Looking for Humor" vacation.
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