Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Houses

Mr. Bruce and MissDazey live here

  We have a beautiful calendar in the kitchen, a gift from the wonderful Glenda and Darrell. (Have you visited Glenda's blog lately? Click here) It's fun to turn the pages each month to see the new picture. However, there does seem to be a problem.. oh, not with the calendar. It's the months themselves. Time is simply going by too, too fast. It can't be the middle of July. Where does the time go? We moved into our new, perfect for us house 6 months ago. 
   To be honest, I am enjoying our home too much to worry if boxes are unpacked. Mr. Bruce has worked really hard doing all kinds of things here. He planted roses, put together a big bookcase and my headboard and much more. The various service guys have been here rechecking everything and our cheerful helpers, Janitor Jane and William's Mowing are taking excellent care of us. Life is good, our little house is a happy house. 
  Last week we were out on a drive and went by Mr. Bruce's old house. This is the first time he has been by since it sold. I guess too many memories attached to it, although there are many good memories there as well as sad ones. 
  But GOOD NEWS! The house on Woodside Way was smiling.. it is a happy house. The ugly front porch now has flowers and a place to sit. The young couple who bought the house have two adorable young children. There is lots of room for them to play inside and out. The house needed kids around to play in the yard and climb the hill. (When they are older, of course.) We saw a basketball goal, Mr. Bruce said, "the little guy has a basketball goal." No, I think his daddy and friends have a basketball goal. (I have sons, I know young men like to play basketball.)
  Many times in the 12 years that I lived in the old house I would hear it say:
Woodside Way (old picture)
  "I need a family. A family with lots of friends so they can come here for parties. I have a big living/dining room combo, plus that big family room downstairs. My kitchen is small, but some yummy food can be prepared there. I want to hear the sound of children laughing"
   I personally think the good Lord was listening to the house and my prayers to move. We adore the little family who live on Woodside Way. Both houses are HAPPY HOUSES
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