Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Telikin Computers

Mr. Bruce and new computer

  It's here! Mr. Bruce got his new computer yesterday; here he is studying the screen and the instruction manual. The computer is a Telikin Elite. I don't want this story to be only a commercial, so please visit their website for full information. Since it is so very different from any other computer that he has used, there will be a learning curve. No problem, it comes with instructions, how-to videos, and great customer support.
  Oops, that sounds a bit like an ad. I promise this will be the only one; funny stories will be posted soon.
   A bit of background first... I first read about these types of computers on Dale Carter's blogs and website, "Transition Aging Parents". Dale wrote about a new type computer made for seniors. (I read this way over a year ago, can't remember the details.) Seems some companies were setting up this type of computers in retirement and senior apartment type facilities. It is a well known fact that a) seniors are getting online faster than any other age group. and b) new gadgets and tech can be confusing. I contacted the company but was told that the program was only for group type settings. Of course, I have no idea if the computers used were made by Telikin.
  Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I saw an ad in a senior magazine for this computer for seniors called WOW. I showed Mr. Bruce this ad and said, "You need this." 
  Naturally he said, "what for? I have a computer." (old one with Windows XP) Day or two later, I asked, "Did you read that article? Ready to order?" I had by this time found it on Amazon and the main company website. And most importantly, found them on Twitter.  (Y'all know if a company doesn't tweet conversation and only classified ads that I don't follow them) In minutes, Lauren tweeted me back and gave me a toll free phone number. I called and Lauren answered all my questions and I ordered the computer. 
  Honestly, Mr. Bruce and I were like two little kids waiting for Santa Claus. When UPS  came yesterday, both of us were grinning like fools. It is set up, he sent his first email, and watched a video embedded in an email with no problems. (Often on his old computer videos would not open or stop and start numerous times.) The screen is the same size he had before. I asked him once if he would like an iPad but he doesn't like the small screen. 
  I have promised to stay away from it although, I am reading a bit of the manual. It's Mr. Bruce's computer, period! That's OK, I don't want to learn too much and besides, I am getting a new computer when Windows 8 gets fixed and new computers have the better version. I love Microsoft!
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