Saturday, June 15, 2013

MissDazey Bear Leaves the Cave

   I truly don't like this... it is mid-June already. That means somehow I lost 7 months; 7 months of lost memories and opportunities. That is a long time to lose when you are my age. Actually, it's a long time for any age, but younger folks have more chances of making it up.
   It seems I went into the cave to rest the first of December, quite early for a midwinter snooze, and have only begun to take little strolls outside to explore. The outside world didn't stop though; in fact, I woke up in a new house on the other side of the woods. Mr. Bruce, family and friends made sure I was safe, well fed, and content. My online lovelies assure me daily I had not be forgotten.
   Mother Nature seems to be letting my old body and brain feel better. Father Time has a sense of humor; people are reminding me “you are only as old as you think you are.” Lately I felt 99 years old.. and counting.
  Telling stories come very natural to me, I love it. I write for myself daily, but as for posting for others to read, that is another thing. I always appreciate readers of my blogs, a big THANK-YOU to my readers. Why do I blog? Though the years I have learned that by putting my stories online it is a way to meet new people, stay connected with old friends, and share my sense of humor.
   Part of “what the heck is happening” saga is my little old brain seems to have changed. It forgets how to spell, goes blank trying to decide what words to use, and types the strangest things. I suppose some of this is natural, old age and all considered. (I need to readjust my thinking and use more aids though.)
 All that said, I have decided to... wait for it... BLOG AGAIN! Taking that first small step by posting this. Thanks for your patience. Y'all come back and sit a spell.
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