Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Best Chicken Dinner Ever!

Hello everyone! I am working on a proper post about the restarting of my blogs. I found myself in a whine and "poor pitiful me" mode, hate it when I do that. More about that later, now I want to share the past weekend a bit while it's still fresh.
Redings Mill Inn
   Mr. Bruce and I have a little agreement: If I help him buy flowers and then ride along to Joplin to decorate graves on Memorial Day, then I get to decide what to do the rest of the weekend. Works for me and he really doesn't suffer too much.
  The weather was perfect for our trip this year; the sky was blue with those marshmallow clouds floating by and a bit of breeze. The wild flowers are in full bloom another I-44, lots of wild daisies which made me smile. It really didn't take too long to visit the cemeteries.
  Mr. Bruce tells the same stories every year about growing up in Joplin, MO. His short term memory is replaced with long term memories and tales that happened 50 plus years ago. Since we were going on to the Indigo Sky Casino, we decided to drive by Redings Mills which is where he lived as a kid of 6 or 7. It is about 10-12 miles out in the country from Joplin. I am sure things looked different 70 years ago to a 6 year old kid than they would to an adult or would look now.
  Redings Mill is a still an active community although fewer people near there. The one room school is long gone; the large swimmer pool closed and for sale.  Shoal Creek still runs and people still fish there.
  We spotted this old building up on the hill, went up to see exactly what it was used for now. That is how we discovered The Redings Mill Inn. The old building sits upon a hill; it was originally built in 1800's. No doubt added on and changed many times. It is now a bar with pool tables, karaoke, etc. I saw sign that they now serving lunch. We hadn't had lunch yet so went in. There were two people sitting at the bar enjoying a visit with the waitress. Friendly folks, shared a bit of local history before they left. We ask the owner if they serve lunch today? "Yes and the special is fried chicken." We ordered that. We waited 45 minutes and were rewarded with the best fried chicken and real mashed potatoes! Bruce kept saying, "this chicken has a crust just like my grandma made." No one else came in... we had the place to ourselves. 
  Oh, got to tell you about the seating arrangement. This place had big tall bar tables and stools, the black vinyl stools. I couldn't get on the seat, my legs are too short. Every time I was almost in place, I would slide right off. After the 4th attempt, I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face. The two people at the bar, the owner and Bruce kept telling me how to get up into the seat... which made me laugh even harder. Finally they pulled a regular height table and chair out from the pool room. Mr. Bruce said he knew I am a teetotaler, but didn't know just walking into a bar made me "slide under the table". 
  I forgot to write down the names of the owner and his waitress. Super, super nice people. It didn't matter that we were the only customers, we received a good meal, excellent customer service, and man oh man.. delicious fried chicken.  

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