Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We watch Cardinals

  OK, no excuses.. just explaining.  Writing stories has been put on the back burner where the contents are simmering. I am throwing several things into the pot, adding some spices and will serve up the finished product soon.
  Meanwhile, back on the range...wait.. it must be lunch time as I seem to be mentioning kitchen terms. Oh, yes.. this post is on both blogs, let's call it re-purposing.
  We watched every game of March Madness. Congrats to Louisville Cardinals! However, the basketball excitement in our world is this: 

Drury University Basketball Team are Division II CHAMPIONS! 

(Mr. Bruce and Jack Ott went to Drury. We think that is why the team won.) The celebrations will be going on in Springfield, MO for a LONG time. 
  Also, yesterday was opening day for the St. Louis Cardinals. The opening celebrations were great fun to watch. We watched on Fox Sports Midwest; we watch as many games as possible throughout the season. It was a double hankie day as they shown clips of Stan the Man and dedicated the season to him. (There were more tears during the 9th inning, but let's move on.)
  Yesterday we watched a mommy Cardinal build a nest in the large bush outside our kitchen window. All of the yards around us are filled with birds, so we have plenty of birds to watch. It is great fun to watch noisy, always hungry baby birds. Looking around the yard, we found several nests left from last year. Hopefully there will be new families this year.
  Bye for now!
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