Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mr. Bruce's Oops Day

    Now that I think about it, every day seems to be a OMG day around here. I think in the process of moving in general and de-cluttering in particular, Mr. Bruce and I seem to have lost our minds and half of the "I need that" stuff. 
  But first, let's giggle over "Mr. Bruce's oops day", this past Sunday. 

  A loud thunder storm came through in the middle of the night; it was lovely music to the ears, God's orchestra. I woke up and listen a bit. While I was enjoying the rain and going right back to sleep, Bruce was up turning off alarms. I had my bedroom door closed, he doesn't close his. The previous owner had a home alarm system, it beeps every time a door is opened or window touched. The thunder and lightening set it off. Poor Bruce was up trying to figure it out at 4AM. Knowing him like I do, I suspect that he had his small handy, dandy LED flashlight on, but not the overhead light; just pushing buttons until the alarm stopped.

  This started his "oops day". The Sunday paper got wet. It's because the paperboy threw it where the water drained directing into the opening of the plastic wrapper.  He boiled over the oatmeal, which, of course, hardened on the burner. He likes steel-cut oatmeal that takes forever or 30 minutes, whichever comes first, to cook. Plus today he decided to cook them in milk and not water, which make the cooking process different. This darn stove is working right. I'm not use to the setting yet. (That's fair, I can't decide what it means by low either and I dare not put the knob on high.)
  The whole day was filled with little annoying but not important nonsense. However, just as the March Madness selection came on, things got serious. First there was a hail storm, large hail covered the yard. (It actually looked similar to the stove when the oatmeal boiled over.) Then the TV went off, 5 minutes later the power went off for several minutes. Wait.. now it was me could got into to the "why now" and "what can happen next" mode. We were both happy when the power returned to see MIZZOU plays Thursday night. At least we had water, at the old house when the power went out, the community pump stops, thus no water.  
  Life is buzzing along here at the old folks home. btw, anyone need a big 4 bedroom house in Springfield, MO? Mr. Bruce has one he will sell you. 
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