Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Almost Trip

Thanks everyone for your concern

  We took a road trip, a very short road trip as it turned out. Honestly, one of the best planned four days of fun trips that I've been excited about in a long time. (OK, that sentence doesn't exactly make sense, but neither did our trip.)
  We left early last Saturday for Paducah, KY and got there early afternoon. We checked into hotel, left the bags and hurried to the National Quilt Museum. Can you say WOW? I have visited their website many times, so thought I knew what to expect, however the quilts are so much more colorful than photos show. How in the world do the quilters do the very fine stitches and come up with those delightful and intricate designs? The museum is definitely a "must go back" place.
  Speaking of "must go back places", Paducah, KY is one; I'd like to spend a couple of days there. Please visit the Paducah CVB website, it's full of information. 
  We were in Paducah to see the Jeanne Robertson show. Then we were heading to Tunica, MS for some serious fun and games. Unfortunately, I woke up in middle of night sick. Really, was this fair? Mr. Bruce and bestest friend Georgia had no choice but get me to the car and head home. Bless them!! Not to worry, we had fun even if the trip was short. Not to worry, Jeanne will have another show. Not to worry, I am still laughing.

  I am OK, but extremely grateful to everyone. Thanks for your warm thoughts.
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