Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Forever Home

My space

  I saw a post on Facebook by This Old House about someone's "forever house". My first thought was, "thank-goodness we have found ours". My second thought, "And it will take us forever to find everything and then find a spot for it." My third thought... "Geez, we have been at this moving bit for since Thanksgiving, when will it end".
  I do want to clarify something as I don't want to give anyone the wrong idea... Mr. Bruce has worked very, very hard. But the task of moving out of the "big house" with 34 years of stuff is a major chore. And he does have others tasks, like his volunteer duties.
  OK, getting back to the topic of why things are not out of boxes and into the proper spot. And of course, looking for the humor. Here are my explanations:

  • Too much stuff, too few places to put it. I am sure that is the biggest reason. Yes, I have to admit I miss those 12 closets, but not the house they are in.
  • Shall we talk about collectibles and fancy dishes. At the other place, we had bookcases shelves, several end tables  and curio cabinets filled with things. Not to mention a huge china cabinet and buffet, that now has a new home in Minnesota. We do plan on getting a different "show-off cabinet" later. Also, I think we might have custom built bookcases and shelves done later this spring. Meanwhile, Mother Crim's antique cut-glass bowl is hiding in lower kitchen cabinet, wrapped in bubble wrap, and hoping not to get broke. 
  • Shall we move this chair over there? Or would it be better here? Lots of those type discussions going on. My wonderful white Cracker Barrel rocker has been in every corner of every room except Mr. Bruce's room and the bathroom. (It whispered to me this morning it likes the deck best, but will wait for warm weather to trot out there. 
  • The furniture isn't the right style and/or size for this house. I have been browsing furniture and decorating sites for ideas. No hurry in changing furniture. Besides Mr. Bruce and I have entirely different ideas on what is pretty. He's beige and I am colorful. 
But I'll let y'all in on a little secret... We love our little "forever home" and are enjoying it too much to worry if things aren't complete and/or unpacked. We think everything is PERFECT! 

PS: Know anyone who needs at 4 bedroom, 2 bath house in SW Missouri. I have one to tell you about. Click here please.
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