Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Newsflash: Volunteers Live Longer

Greatest with his adorable great granddaughter 

Below is an article Mr. Bruce wrote for the CoxHealth Volunteer Newsletter. It's also posted on MissDazey's Notes.


   Who knew? Researchers have now identified a group of people that outlive their contemporaries because of two things they do. They eat fruit and veggies and they VOLUNTEER.
   For most volunteers this is hardly news because we already know this as the truth and some have learned this early in their lives. In my case this was learned at the age of seven. My family had just moved into the big city and my Grandmother announced to me that she would take me to the little Methodist Church nearby where I could learn how to be a good son. Looking back on this experience, I can now see that she was my first Director of Volunteer Services ( Sorry Barbara). Grandmother volunteered me for everything. Lighting the candles on the altar at every service, singing in the choir, washing the dishes, dusting off the pews, mowing the church grass. Soon more time was spent at the church than my time at home. And do not forget that the eating of fruits and veggies was very popular at the church. My, how those Methodists love to eat.
   This early volunteer training put me on a path of accepting this as a way of life that has put me among that group of people who are living longer. And thanks goes to my Grandmother. By the way, she was a Practical Nurse.
   As a CoxHealth Volunteer you are aware that more volunteers are needed and since Non-Profit organizations have increased nearly 60% in the past few years it has become more difficult to keep up with this need. You can do your part by spreading the word about living longer as a volunteer and inviting new ones to the CoxHealth Volunteer Office. The door is open to a longer and more rewarding life.

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