Monday, February 4, 2013

I ain't bringing you chicken soup tour"

   This picture of bestest friend Georgia Ott was taken last May at the Jeanne Robertson "Bestest Friend Event". We were all "toss flipping" our Pashminas at the end of one of the shows. 
  We have tickets for a Jeanne Robertson's show in Paducah, KY on February 24th. It's being held at the Carson Center; click here for more information. Can you say EXCITED! 
   Mr. Bruce and I are going to pick Miss Georgia up early Saturday morning and head out on a 4 day adventure. I am calling this a "I ain't bringing you chicken soup tour". Why that name? Here's the back-story... Whenever Georgia is sick, has a family crisis, or whatever the situation, the Ott's have an army of neighbors and friends who bring food, run errors, etc. I am not that type of friend. You will never hear me ask anyone, "Let me know what I can do".  (I try not to say, "My thoughts and prayers are with you" either but it would take a book to explain that.) What we do on serious occasions is simply do something nice and unexpected for people. In Georgia's case, a trip takes the place of a pot of soup.
  This next trip is going to be a blast as the kids might say. Saturday afternoon we will go to the National Quilt Museum and the little shops in Historical Paducah
  After the show Sunday we are heading for Tunica, MS couple of days of fun and games. This part of the "I ain't bringing you chicken soup tour" is courtesy of the fantastic Sheila Scarborough and the Tunica CVB. These lovely people were part of Passports with Purpose's annual charity fund raiser. Be sure to check out their website and read about the work in Haiti. 
   We are staying Harrah's, which just happens to be our favorite casino/hotel. Plus we are being treated to Paula Deen's buffet, which is worth a trip to Tunica alone. 
  We go to Tunica often, but there is always something new to do. I re-read the print version of the travel guide last week. It's a fun read; I admit I still like paper magazine to mark up and make notes on. Kudos to the people who put this particular magazine out, it is very interesting and easy to read.
  If you see a Buick LaCross going down the highway with three silly people having "more fun than a barrel of monkeys", give us a wave!
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