Thursday, January 10, 2013

We are here

  Here is Mr. Bruce resting; a well deserved rest after the BIG MOVE. Bless his heart, he has worked so hard this month that he's lost weight. (Don't ask, of course I haven't lost any because I didn't work a bit.) 
  Mr. Bruce had the U-Haul here about 9am last Saturday. Immediately behind him came our wonderful moving crew, aka FAMILY. I am so proud and thankful for them all. When I looked out and saw their cars all lined up and several times during the day, I teared up with happiness and pride.
  You should have seen them, furniture and boxes going out and being packed into truck, computers unhooked, (thanks Chelle) and general good nature teasing going on. By a few minute after 11 the 24ft truck was loaded, all of their cars and ready to head out to Mr. Bruce and MissDazey's new cottage.
  Bestest friend Georgia brought lunch... the best fried chicken ever. My favorite was the cake. Thank-you Georgia.Unloading was quick!! I sat like a queen on her throne and directed traffic. 
  Tuesday nephew, but like a son, Charlie came and help Mr. Bruce clean garage and haul some more things. Again, tears flowed in gratitude. Everyone is so very, very good to us. 
  This first week here has been an adventure. I have learned where the bathrooms and part of the light switches are located. 
Most importantly of all, we are home.
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