Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Short Update

Two weeks ago today the old folks moved into their sweet little cottage. I can't praise my hardworking family enough for moving us. I have been calling that the main move; Mr. Bruce has made several trips back and forth to get more small stuff.

I went over today and was pleased to see how empty the place is now. The fantastic worker bees will be there next to "pretty the house up" and make sure all the "inners" are in order. Like fixing a light switch that has a tic. The ugly dining room paper will be removed, walls painted etc. (see photo)

Meanwhile, back in our house things are moving right along. We are truly enjoying the house. We can take our time and unpack a little bit at a time. Of course, I think things in cardboard boxes might be the latest decorating fad. I need to check the current copy "Hillbilly Retirement Guide" to see if the boxes should be opened or closed.
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