Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Real Reason People Age in Place

Living room bookcase

  For several years now more and more people are choosing to "age in place", which simply put means staying in ones own home as long as possible. It means more independence and happier senior citizens. This is good on many levels; not so good on some.) There are numerous help agencies and websites related to "aging in place". (I like the website called "Aging Abundantly" by Dorothy Sander.)  

  But I am here to tell you that's not the real reason people "age in place". The real reason people "age in place" is simple... 
It's too hard to move!
  For years I have dreamed of being in a smaller house on one level, a cozy little non-cluttered house with just the perfect size furnishings. Yet now that it's actually happening, it's another story. Everything is house A has to be moved out. Important things like my computer, some furniture, TV, and legal documents, etc will be moved to house B. That's fine. However, what the heck do we do with the rest of the junk in house A? Why can't I just walk out, lock the door, and moved into house B
  Our cozy little cottage for two is smaller than we had planned on buying. However since it's in an idea area for senior citizens, has nice big windows, and has been so well kept, we decided it would be fine. 
  House A, aka Mr. Bruce's house, was custom built by the first owner. (Mr. Bruce is the second) It has 12 closets, 3 sets of built-in bookcases, wet-bar with storage, and a large utility room complete with cabinets. Of course, each one of these are stuffed with "who knows what".  
  We do "know what" now in the wet-bar. Bottles of booze that were opened 20 years ago. (they have been emptied down the drain, not taking chances.) Other cabinets and drawers were full of Jane's things; Mr. Bruce had not even opened these since she passed. Another reason for not moving- Memory Lane is full of good and sad thoughts. Luckily, more good than bad. However, Memory Lane takes time to wander down. No problem, we have lots of time. 
  There is another free standing, large wet-bar that is used for books and mountains of paperwork in his family room. (What can I say, wet-bars were popular in the '60-80's, kind of a status symbol, I guess.) Now that it's all cleaned out and pretty, what shall we do with it? 
  All of this is giving me a headache... and more stories to write.
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