Sunday, November 25, 2012

Once upon a time

The old place
   Once upon a time, there were a couple of old people who lived in a great big house near the woods. Old Man had moved into the two-story house in 1978; she moved there in 2000 when she became Mrs. Old Man. 
   Each morning Old Man would feed the birds that flocked around the nice stone fence; then the couple would sit and watch the birds and the TV from the comfort of their recliners. They would go upstairs three times a day for meals in a room called the kitchen. Maybe it's called "the microwave room" since that is what they use it for most of the time.       
  Some days the gentleman would go off to CoxHealth to his numerous and important volunteer duties. The woman would spend hours and hours of sitting near a front window clicking and clacking on the computer. Life was good! Life was routine! 
   However, lurking in the background was the big bad wolf called stairs. Any day without warning stairs was going to get one of them. Others creatures already had taken up residence in the big old house, including clutter, needed repair, and "I'll had this for years"
  One day Old Man said, "The little house you found online is open today. Let's go look at it." So the couple ventured into the great unknown called "city" and wound around the paths and turned in a street called Southvale. Lo, and behold, waiting for them was a "little cottage built for two". When Mrs. Old Man walked into through the front door she thought she heard the house say, "Welcome home, my dear, I've been waiting for you." 
  That is when Old Man turned into Prince Charming and went into action to slay the dragons of finance and details. In a short 6 days, papers were signed and the good news was announced across the land that Prince Charming was moving his bride into a new castle where they will live "happily ever after".

                   Photo by Dan Senn, ReMax Realtor in Springfield, MO 
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