Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meet the Brogans

Steve and Diane Brogan
Click on picture for
Mom Pop Pow

   This was really special... Mr. Bruce and I met Steve and Diane Brogan "in real life". And we got "real hugs". We were very honored they took the time to come through Springfield,MO on their way to Las Vegas.
  I have been following them of Twitter for a long time; of course, they have become friends. Click here to meet Steve on Twitter. Click here to meet Diane.  Be sure to click on the photos, they are sharing some wonderful shots are they travel.
   The Brogans are on quite an exciting adventure, not just the trip across the USA to visit friends and sight-see.  They are moving from New Hampshire to Las Vegas, NV. Diane is posting an online record of their trip via their blog "Mom Pop Pow". ( maybe she will do a book later, hint, hint.)
  You know, I have found that some people are very different in person than they are online. Not Diane and Steve...they are sweet, kind, smart, and friendly both ways. Mr. Bruce said he wished he had had more time to visit, my thoughts exactly.
  I see tweets popping up for the mighty, traveling duo. Got to check those out now. Oh, the hashtag for their trip is #LVMPP.
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