Saturday, October 27, 2012

Floating Along

Excuse me a moment while I burst out in song.

Oh, what a beautiful morning, 
Oh, what a beautiful day, 
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything going my way.

It is a cold, crisp day in the Ozarks. A lazy day with no good reason to hurry around so we didn't. Mr. Bruce was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper when he spotted a lovely, colorful hot air balloon floating over the house.
  My goodness, what a sight! We hadn't seen one for months, never seem to be out when they are flying. We missed the Branson, MO Hot Air Balloon Race that was held a week ago. There is something so magical about seeing one. I think it's a combination of the colors, the floating, and the beauty of the sky all roll into one. 
  I trust that some lovely and positive people and things are floating across your path today...and everyday.

  Speaking of beautiful things and happy memories, at our age we have an abundance of them. The good news is we are still making memories. I added a little affiliate page to this column. I know, I know, that most people have added those to their blogs years ago. I can almost hear people say, "you never make a dime off of that". 
  Honestly, I simply want to remind people of all ages that it is OK to add little niceties into their lives. I am adding things I remember and/or like. However, please share your memories and "wish I had" list.
  Click here to visit Daisy Basket. Please and thank-you.
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