Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Trip to Ginny's

Granddaughter Ginny

  New grand-babies are, well grand, but great granddaughters are so very exciting. We are waiting the arrival of Miss Susie-Q at the end of October. Her proper name is Hazellyn Sue, but I'll call her Susie-Q. 
  Yesterday we made a quick trip to Rolla, MO to take granddaughter Ginny the stroller, car seat combo that we had for them. (I think they are called "travel systems" now. Grandpa Bruce was calling it "baby's Cadillac". 
  Our little one has a lovely room waiting to welcome her. I love this; Ginny has a her a daisy top to wear and daisies in the curtains. Starting life out with daisies, sunshine, and love is a good thing. 


  Grandpa Bruce also had a stack of books for them. As I've said often, we are a family of readers.
  It was a short visit, however it was special to see Ginny and to meet Shane. We were entertained by his precious daughter Draden. (Still thinking about a nickname for her, maybe Chatty-Cathy) She is so cute and bubbly. Here she is in her room.
  The weather was nasty. Rain, thunder, wind and cold! So our trip was go to Rolla, turn around and come home asap. Granny can't take the cold. We are looking forward to our next trip to Rolla, because on that trip we will get to hold great grand-baby "Susie-Q". 


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