Monday, September 24, 2012

Mr. Bruce Went to Dallas

Ann Miller and Mr. B

   Last Tuesday Mr. Bruce left me and took off with two women to Dallas, TX. He had a great week, ending with Ann "huggin' the stuffin' out of him". I loved it!
  Actually, he was in Dallas to attend the national conference for "The Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals" (AHVRP). One of the perks of his new position with CoxHealth Auxiliary is to get to attend a couple of conferences. This year's theme was Achieving Harmony Through Diversity
   He enjoyed meeting so many new people and learning about their volunteer groups. He is especially interested in finding new fund-raising ideas; that is an ongoing effort for all volunteer groups. 
  It had been several years since he had been in downtown Dallas; he couldn't get over how much things had changed. The event was held in the Downtown Omni Dallas Hotel; he had a very comfortable room. He said the hotel lived up to all of the hype that we had read online. It is a luxury hotel.
   Mr. Bruce called me every night and shared a bit of his day. I had to laugh at him though and was a little worried. At home he eats at 5pm and is usually napping in his recliner by 8pm. He sounded so tired, yet I could tell by the conversation that he was enthused and ready for the next day.
   Saturday was the highlight of the week...he met Ann Miller in person. Ann is one of a special group of online friends; actually we call them our "online kids". Ann travels as part of her job and shares the different towns or areas via Facebook and her blog stories and pictures. Ann takes wonderful photos so we look forward to them. Also, she send postcards from whatever city she is working in that week ... don't you love it! I wish Ann could see the big grin on Mr. B's face when one of her postcards arrives. So it was super special for him to get a hug from Ann. Plus one for him to pass on to me. 
  Mr. Bruce shared his week with me yesterday. He remarked that the speakers in two sessions were professional speakers that belong to NSA. He was impressed and could see why training and experience is important. He learned that hospital volunteers average age is over 65. (an up) 
  It was a good week for him, however I am glad he is home. 

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