Sunday, August 26, 2012

Musical Memories

    I am still whistling the tune to "Singing in the Rain". (Most people know I that I hum or whistle all day, it's just a "me thing".) To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the movie "Singing in the Rain" TCM arranged for it to be shown in theaters. Once again people could see this fantastic movie on the big screen. 
    We had been seeing the ads for this special event for couple of month, but Mr. Bruce was not interested. "It's too hot, I'm too busy and besides, you have watched that movie dozens of times", he kept saying. Then last Sunday he received a reminder from Ameristar Casino that he had a free room; and the movie complex was showing the movie. That did it, we are going.
   My sister went over and got our tickets as a birthday gift to me. I told you I celebrate for a LONG time. We drove up Wednesday and went to the 2pm showing. Sadly, there were only two other people in the theater. I do hope more came to the 7 o'clock show.
  When the movie started, we were instantly transported back to our youth and memories of movies of yesteryear. Beautiful women dressed in lavish, colorful gowns and leading men who worn suits and knew to take their hats off inside. And people danced and sang to express themselves. Lovely, just lovely!
  Debbie Reynolds was 18 years old when she made that movie. Yes, she looked like a high school girl; cute as she could be. Leading men Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor sang and danced through the whole movie and didn't miss a beat. I think these three were extraordinary stars, don't you?
  There were several songs that I had completely forgot. It was fun reliving them again. It just happened to be Gene Kelly's 100 birthday on Thursday. Turner Classic Movie showed his movies all day. We watch 3 of them and we recorded "Singing in the Rain" to watch again later. 
  I have made myself a promise not to watch certain TV shows filled with violence, swear words and/or nudity (and sex). I think I will be watching old movie reruns a lot more since so many of the current shows have nothing more. Give me a good old musical any day and I will be a happy camper.
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