Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love Cookies

Rex and Elyse Gomez welcomes you
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   I love cookies!! Last month I received the most delightful basket of cookies for my birthday from Bill and Claudia. Thankfully, they know I love cookies also. While I wasn't surprised to get a delivery, I was totally surprised and excited when this beautiful basket was hand delivered to my house. I've received cookies via FedEx before, but never personally delivered. What a treat!
  Last week Mr. Bruce and I stopped by the store to meet the owners Rex and Elyse Gomez to tell them in person how much we liked the cookies. Of course, we wanted to get a few more. The photo on the left is first thing we saw. Isn't it lovely and colorful? The number and variety of baskets and designs is quite remarkable. 
  Me being me, I talked to Elyse about Twitter and my online columns. I want to add their store to the website that I am currently working on. I had to ask her how she got into the cookie business and more about it. She explained how the cookies and cupcakes are make there in the store, so they are as fresh as homemade cookies. I can testify they are as tasty as ones made by Grandma's recipes.
  The Gomez's bought the franchise in 2006. They attended "cookie college" to learn the basics but learn more about decorating cookie as they also grew their business. They recently moved to a new location; they are now in the Southern Hills Shopping center. They deliver locally and you can order cookies to be delivered nationwide through their store. 
  Mr. Bruce is always looking for fund-raising opportunities for CoxHealth Auxiliary so he also asked some questions. 
  Not only do I love cookies, I like to shop in local businesses; this was a win-win situation. Cookies By Design is a nationwide company, however the local stores are owned and operated as franchises. (Note: The website is managed by the home office, please check to find the location and phone number of a store near you.)

  When I told Elyse that I love cookies she replied, "You only live once, so you might as well eat cookies." My thoughts exactly! 

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