Monday, August 20, 2012

Crystal Bridges Visit

View from the restaurant 
  Wow! Amazing! Outstanding! Would you look at this? Mr. Bruce and I used all of these words during our recent visit to the Crystal Bridge Museum of American Art. There is something interesting and beautiful everywhere you look.
  This very modern designed building sits in the middle of a wooded Arkansas hill surrounded with all of Mother Nature's finest. It takes its name from the Crystal Spring and the lovely bridge that connects the city of Bentonville, AR and the museum.
  Crystal Bridge opened last fall and I have been following the website and their posts on Twitter and Facebook for almost a year. Please visit the website for full information. The information and photos are well worth a few minutes of one's time. Please click here.
   I'd like to share some of our day. Bentonville, AR is about a two-hour drive from our house and a lovely drive. We don't have reason to go there often and am always talk about how much the area has grown since our last visit. (Bentonville is headquarters for Walmart.) We got there a few minutes before the 11am opening, found handicap parking space and started our delightful adventure like two little kids. 
  Speaking of little kids, there was a preschool activity going on. There were kids, moms, and strollers everywhere; also several of us using walkers and/or wheelchairs. Well-trained and cheerful volunteers were there to assist us and answer questions. It was truly a happy crowd.
  There were two special exhibitions we wanted to see first, The Hudson River School: Nature and the American Vision  and Declaration: Birth of America. I have seen Hudson River School art before, but never this many in one place. This collection is on loan from the New York Historian Museum. Seeing one of the 25 known copies of the printed broadside version of the Declaration of Independence made me proud. Seeing two famous paintings of President George Washington in the Colonial Collection brought tears
  We had lunch at the museum's restaurant called Eleven. It is in the center of this beautiful complex with views of the grounds and a lake. Mr. Bruce took the picture above through the glass. Hint: the chicken salad plate is yummy and a large portion. I ate it all, plus half a mocha chocolate cupcake.
  We only saw a couple of the permanent collections. Old legs and back give out quickly, don't you know. We will go back this fall when the leaves are colorful. And maybe again to see the spring flowers. Hope many of you will be able to visit this fantastic place also.

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