Thursday, July 5, 2012

Remembering Andy Griffith

Note: This story is on all 3 of my columns. 

   Andy Griffith passed Tuesday. (bow head and moment of silence, please.) When the news of Andy Griffith death was announced I do believe people across America said, "Oh, I'm so sorry" in unison. The Internet was soon filled with favorite Andy stories; Twitter and Facebook exploded with stories about "The Andy Griffith Show". We all love Andy.
   Actually when I saw a "RIP Andy Griffith" post on Twitter, I didn't know to believe it or not. I asked Madison Taylor, executive editor of the News-Times, the newspaper in Burlington, NC. Sadly, it was true. 
   Mr. Bruce and I sat for several minutes talking about what a great person Andy was both on and off the screen. One of my first comments was, "poor Jeanne, this is really going to be sad for her". I watched her Facebook page for her posts about this and read each one and the comments though out the day. 
   Jeanne wrote a book called "Mayberry Humor Across The U.S.A." a few years back. In it she explains how she finds the clean humor as she travels and compares it with stories for the TV show. (Note to Jeanne, please consider reprinting this book and an eBook edition.) I read it off and on all day yesterday.
   Mr. Bruce and I had already planned on watching some of the "Matlock" reruns on the 4th. Actually, a least two different TV channels had "Matlock" marathons on Wednesday. I wished we had had some hot dogs, that was Ben Matlock's favorite lunch. A few of the shows had Don Knotts in them. Goodness, what a team Andy and Barney made on TAGS. 

I posted this on Facebook:
"Jeanne has a "compelshion" for TAGS; I have a "compelshion" for Jeanne" "Mayberry Humor via Jeanne"
From the archives on Jeanne Fun
Thank-you Andy Griffith for all the good memories. I appreciate it.  (sorry, I can't spell it "southern" 
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