Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Celebrate With Me

July is party month!

   What am I doing to celebrate my 70th birthday? That's an easy answer; I celebrate my birthday ALL MONTH. And then, I am going to do something special for Mr. Bruce, my family and friends, and myself each day of my 70th year. Nothing big, just it's good to be alive type things. 
   I've ask everyone online to please do something special for "YOURSELF" each day of July to help me celebrate my 70th birthday. And then please share 
some of this via Facebook or Twitter. This morning I realized it was July 11, maybe I should remind people of my birthday wish, Remember, the rule is to do something special for yourself first each day. Doing something and/or giving something to others gives you "MissDazey points".♥♥♥
   I actually started early buying myself weekly gift, which has turned into 2-a-week gift. This week I gave myself a new column and a new website. Wonder what I'll get next? Oh, I love surprises.
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