Monday, June 11, 2012

We've been everywhere

 This is Mr. Bruce on stage Saturday evening introducing Jeanne Robertson. Here is how he started the short talk:
    I first met Jeanne Robertson on YouTube when my brother sent me a link to her story about grocery story. I showed it to my wife and we laughed and laughed. So we bought all of her DVDs and laughed some more. Then we went to Louisville to see her in person, then to Columbia, MO and Kansas City. A few weeks ago, we went back to Louisville. Today we are honored that Jeanne is here in Springfield.
    I wanted him to say that it was her turn to travel to see us. Yes, we couldn’t help but be super excited that Jeanne had agreed to perform here. The event was a fundraiser for a project of the CoxHealth Auxiliary. A great cause, “Get Screened NOW” (cancer screening) deserved a great entertainer like Jeanne.
   Jeanne met us for lunch at Houihan’s Saturday; it was really was nice to have a long visit with a friend. I have a new interest in the National Speakers Association and had several questions for her. She has been a professional speaker for 49 years and knows everything there is to know about the field. (I have no plans to be a speaker, but I am writing a couple of stories for one of my columns.)
   We each had stories to share about the “Bestest Friend Event” that Jeanne hosted last month. Goodness, she and her friends worked hard getting that together. I hope she does another one or a similar format in another city.
   Jeanne’s show was hilarious; everyone just loved her. When Mr. Bruce pulled up to the hotel to let her out, it hit me. I don’t have a trip planned to see Jeanne now. Always before a trip to a show, I would have another one in the planning stage. I asked her, “Jeanne, where are we going next?”  I am sure there will be another Jeanne Robertson show in our future. Want to come along?

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