Friday, June 29, 2012

Granite Hearts

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

    Elizabeth is celebrating her birthday in a most novel way; she is launching her second novel. This is not a novel idea for her, she launched her first book Spruce Gum Box on her birthday two years ago. 
    In Granite Hearts, we follow newlyweds Sean and Gert Ryan as they settled in the Maine wilderness in the 1800's. Each chapter of the book is filled with excitement, family, and of course there are good and bad times. 
    I downloaded the Kindle version to my iPad and read it straight through. I got so interested in what was going to happen next to Gert and her growing family, well just couldn't put the book down.
  This is a historical novel and I had fun looking for bits of history in it. (truth is I know very little about early Maine history.) After I finished the book I got online and looked up some of the events to learn more. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone, so won't share my favorites. If you have a favorite part of the book, won't you please share it in the comments.
   Wonder what Elizabeth will do next year to celebrate? I know what she did last year. Click here to read a bit about it.

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