Wednesday, June 27, 2012


   I learned to read and write 64 years ago in the first grade. I probably could do it before, I honestly don't remember. I can remember my first grade teacher showing us how to make the letter "C". Think of a cookie, and then take a bite out of the right side of the cookie. I can also remember her explaining how to count by 2s and 3s. Watch your mothers gathering eggs in her apron, then counting them. She holds 2 in her hand and counts 2, 4, 6. Not 1,2,3. I thought for a long time only people with chickens could count by 2s and 3s.  
   Funny, how I can remember that and other nonsense, but most morning can't remember what I had for breakfast. Or did I have breakfast? Short-term memory gapes are common at any age, but they are very frustrating to us old folks. (Dementia is a dirty word, don't you know.) Another little quirk has shown up to make my writing time annoying, I am thinking one word, but writing another. (Just now, I saw I had used work not word.) I've learned to laugh at this, and I can always correct later. Besides, people read tweets too fast to worry with typos. 
  A couple of years ago I read a long medical explanation of how this happens. Something about nerve ending and too much information stuffed into our brains over the years. All of this is too deep for my little brain to understand. I think I'll keep on correcting typos. Besides some of them end up funny, I'm all for funny.
   While on the subject of writing, let me explain another bit of info. I write pages and pages every day, although I post very little. I suppose part of this could be called "journaling", however it's 95% short stories. I write now on the computer, whatever would I do without a computer.
  Have I ever explained why I use the term "columns" and not "blogs". Yes, I know that blog is a very proper word and some bloggers are very professional and experienced writers. This also goes back to my childhood memories. One day I saw "column written by" in a newspaper. Since I had dreamed of being a published writer since I read my first "Dick and Jane" book, I then added "column written by Linda" to my list. 
   Fast forward to the modern time period and I had another reason for not liking the word "blog". When blogging was new, many TV broadcasters made fun of it. One old CNN geezer would pronounce it in such a way it sounded nasty. (Yep, he's still on CNN and now writes his own opinion bloooo-ugh)
  OK, now how to spell T-H-E  E-N-D.
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