Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thank-you, United States Coast Guard

   We had the privilege on attending the US Coast Guard Band concert given in Kansas City last Monday night. It was a night to be remembered, to say the least. The concert was held in the majestic Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts; the building itself is a work of art. We had great seats, although I don't think there is a bad seat in this venue.
  Commander Kenneth W. Megan is the band director. Like all USA Military Bands, the Coast Guard selects the most highly skilled and well-trained musicians. Members hold degrees from the top schools before they can audition.  They definitely have the "WOW factor" going.
   There was a nice selection of various types of music. The Dixieland Jazz Band was my favorite, if I had to choose a favorite. I am still tapping my foot remembering these outstanding jazz players. It was fun to see them go from playing classical and pop to taking the stage as a 6 member jazz band. 
    They played the traditional "Service Medley", the songs of each branch of service. Current and former members of each branch stood as their song was played. I always tear up when I look around at the men and women that serve our nation. Thank-you all for your service. This time it was a bit different, the whole band stood as they play the US Coast Guard song. Usually there are only a couple of Coast Guard members.
  I had never really known much about the US Coast Guard before hurricane Katrina. Now I will never, ever forget the images of these brave and fearless men and women as they rescued person after person during this horrible time. I went online and learned more about this important branch of our Armed Services. If you haven't done so lately, please read more on their official website. 
Click here to go to US Coast Guard site.
Please click here for the band's page.
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