Monday, May 21, 2012

Thank-you Jerry and Jeanne Robertson

This story was posted on Jeanne Fun today. More stories later this week.
Jerry and Jeanne Robertson
Photo by Cheryl Maggart

 Fantastic, marvelous, and FUNNY are the first words I have been using to describe the "Bestest Friends" weekend. Jerry (aka Left Brain) and Jeanne Robertson are an extraordinary couple and were super hosts. If I used every word in the dictionary twice and spelled correctly, I could not describe this event completely. It was perfect!!
   Can you say excited? I got to meet Norma Rose, Toni, and Patrick Henry. These amazing people and others made this weekend come together and run smoothly. I can only imagine how many days were put into the event. I also can't imagine how tired they all must be today.
  I am going have to dig out a larger dictionary to thank Mr. Bruce and bestest friend Georgia for this special weekend. They have to be the best, most patient people alive. Not only did they do the driving, they managed me and my walker, understood when I overdid and got cranky and made sure I was OK. I am one blessed woman.  
  I have several stories planned and will post them over the next few days. Today I am going to relax and relive all those happy memories of Jeanne's "Bestest Friend" event. I hope she does another one next year.
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