Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Louisville with Bestest Friends

Bestest Friend Georgia

Louisville with Bestest Friends
Chapter One

   Thursday, May 17th, was a beautiful day for a Roadtrip, weather was warm, the sky was blue, and all was right with the world. Honestly, Mr. Bruce and I were so excited that we were both up early, eager to go to start our trip to Louisville. A quick trip to Ozark to get Georgia and we were all the way to Jeanne Robertson’s Bestest Friend Event in Louisville, KY.
   I had been planning this trip for months; I had bought our tickets in January. Actually, I went to Kentucky with two bestest friends, Mr. Bruce and Georgia. Click to read my short thank-you.
    Louisville is about a 7-hour drive from Springfield, MO not counting stops. (We stopped when we needed to, nice not to have demands on our time.) JR, our pretty silver Buick LaCrosse, seemed to know this was a special trip; it all but sang as we headed up I-44, around St. Louis, and then it was I-64 the rest of the day. Of course, I enjoyed every minute riding and looking at the lush farms while the other two took turns driving.
    Georgia had brought the Garmin GPS and it directed us straight to the Horseshoe Casino on the Ohio River not far from Louisville. It’s a huge, beautiful casino. (Moreover, they have wheelchairs available…yay!) They also have a Paula Deen Buffet, of course, is why we stopped there. (wink, wink)
    We stayed at the historic Galt House, the place to stay in Louisville and I will write a story about it ASAP. Now I want share some of our adventures as tourists. Friday morning after a yummy breakfast in Cafe Magnolia, we did a driving tour of part of the city. Louisville is full of the most interesting old buildings with ornate architectural designs of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Old Louisville has the most beautiful, largest houses I have ever seen. It covers blocks and blocks of historical houses each one a showcase home.
    We had decided we wouldn’t take the time to go to the races at Church Hill Downs, but we did want to see it. It looks exactly like it does on TV. Mr. Bruce circled it a couple of times so we could get a good look; it’s the tourist thing to do. On the backside of the large complex, you can see the stables and if you are lucky, you can see the horses. We were lucky! A very nice man brought a grey horse to the fence so Georgia could take pictures. (Note, I took this one) 
   Our next stop was the Derby City Antique Mall for a bit of browsing and finding good stuff. Ask Georgia about her finds. This great store is in a 1920’s grade school, completely renovated with an elevator, air conditioning, and modern lightening. I think it has over 150 vendors, each one with unique and lovely collectibles. 
   I’ll close chapter one now. It was time to have lunch and get back to the hotel for nap. After all, Jeanne Robertson had a full evening of entertainment prepared for us. 
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