Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Key

  Mr. Bruce is my HERO; he found my car key.
Please read postscript added 5/12.  

   Of course, he is my hero in many, many ways, but finding that key was a biggie today. Georgia is helping him drive on our trip to Louisville and I wanted her to use key #2. Our wonderful little car, name JR, has that seat memory button. No, I can't explain that, I just know it's useful. Problem was I had no idea where key #2 was hidden. I spent most of yesterday going through the house looking for it, checking suitcases, purses and every drawer. I was almost in tears when I admitted to him that I had lost that key. Naturally, he looked high and low for it, finding it in a safe hiding place. 
   I do believe that humor is the key to getting through the day. That is one key I know I will never lose. Seeing the humor in situations is important. Maybe that is why I flipped out over Jeanne Robertson; she sees the humor in things too.
   Mr. Bruce and I always have fun on our little trips. Having "Bestest Friend" Georgia along is going to make our trip to Louisville even more fun. Got to get back to my list making now. Usually I just throw a few things into suitcase and take off. This trip is a little longer and a bit different occasion. I told Georgia that I was not a light packer. I will take everything but the kitchen sink. I'd take that too but I have no desire to wash dishes while gone.  

   Postscript added 5/12:  It dawned on me yesterday that I wasn't the one who hid the extra car key. Bruce found it in a mug on the top shelf of the cabinet that dishes are kept in. There is no way I would have put anything there. I would have had to have climbed on kitchen stool, which I don't do.  Also, strange that he thought of looking there...maybe he remembered putting the key there. 
  He's still my HERO, but I told him he had to return my "thank-you kiss". 
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