Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

   I trust everyone had a great weekend. I know Mr. Bruce and I did. Nothing super special, but nice, very nice. We did a quick trip to Branson and had our first of the season Pineapple Whip. Can you say, yummy.
  Many of my readers know that I like promoting small business; the best way to promote a business is to be their customer. On Saturday we "promoted" three small businesses in small towns.  We started at new Daylight Donuts in Ozark, MO. Actually, that wasn't planned, but a nice place to wait for my haircut appointment. (OK, I admit it, I LOVE DONUTS, so waiting in the car was not an option) 
  Next, I got beautiful at the "Cutting Company". Judy has been cutting my hair for over 15 years so we chat away and catch up on our families. She always asks me about our trips, which of course I like talking about.
  The reason for the trip was for me to buy a red t-shirt at Bon-Worth, a discount women clothing chain. I wanted something new for the upcoming "Just For Women, Just For Fun" event. I used to wear a lot of red, wonder when that stopped. However, instead of a cheap red t-shirt, I got 3 colorful, fun tops to wear with black or khaki. I am going to look fabulous.  
  We had lunch at Montana Mikes, actually the first time we'd been there. Bon Worth and Montana Mike's are national chains. However, it is important to visit these type places since they employ local people in small towns. The tax money goes to support small towns. 
  Branson, MO is celebrating their 100th birthday this year. There are specials events and shows going on to mark this important date. Click here to go to the Branson CVB. 
  Got to get back to listen to the "State of Now" conference. Many small towns   and small business represented there. 
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