Monday, April 2, 2012

Maxine Does Community Theater

"Steel Magnolias" at Marshfield Community Theater

Director Maxine Whittaker 
enjoy the applause and take another bow!! The play was FANTASTIC!

   Mr. Bruce and I took a short drive to Marshfield, MO to see "Steel Magnolias" presented by Marshfield Community Theater. I love the movie, I've seen it several times, but I'd never seen the play version of the story. I knew that the stage play opened first, but that is about all I knew about the play. I did wonder how much of the movie version would be in the stage version.
  Marshfield, MO is about a 25-minute drive from our house. Sunday was the most glorious day, a perfect day for a drive; the spring flowers and blooming trees are simply breathe taking this year. I have a confession to make; I had never been to Marshfield other than to stop for gas or at McDonald's at the I-44 turn-off. What a lovely small town, I will definitely write about it later.
  The play was held in an old church building, although I think it's been many other things through the years. Mr. Bruce and I talked about our different experiences in similar small country churches back in the day. We almost started singing the good old hymns we first learned in Sunday School.
  Maxine always cast the perfect people to be in her plays. (please visit their site for cast information, etc.) Each woman yesterday came on stage looking like they had stepped directly from the original script. Costumes, southern drawls and the setting were all just the thing to transport one back to a small southern town. 
  Community Theater is special on so many levels. People who are talented and love live theater have a chance to express themselves as they entertain others. I am always amazed at the time, hard work, etc that goes into a local production. In small towns like Marshfield, everyone gets involved. Local businesses donate props, ads, refreshments. Events such as this are important to keep communities alive and well.
  We are told to keep busy in our retirement years, do things that make us happy. Maxine is definitively following her passion for theater. Aren't I glad...I love her plays. 

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