Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good Morning Spring

Good morning flowers

  "Spring is busting out all over" as the song goes. It is delightful, simply delightful. Many people do spring cleaning although that term is not in my vocabulary. 
   Mr. Bruce has been cleaning out part of the garage. We don't have a three car-garage, we have an one car garage and two work/storage/junk space arrangement. Actually, he had a great reason to sort through everything, especially his tools. He donated many things to a men's group at a local church for their tool sale. Isn't that a great fund raising idea; women have bake sales and craft shows all the time.
  Many of the tools had belonged to his step-dad, Harold. Mr. Bruce cleaned tools and remember stories for days. He fixed up Harold old small toolbox, painted it bright red and filled it with tools for one of our grandsons. It's a grandpa type of thing.
  I thought I saw a blue bird in the front yard, which would be a sure sign of warm weather. It was probably a blue jay, whatever it was blue. Birds, jonquils blooming, and dandelions means it is front porch rocking time. See y'all later.
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