Monday, January 16, 2012

Visit Joplin, MO

Bonnie and Clyde 

   Life is full of memories, and boy did the memories come flooding in as Mr. Bruce watched the Extreme Makeover show last Friday. They built seven houses in seven days in Joplin, MO. Everything was presented very fast, with the main purpose to present a TV show, get ratings, etc. I do believe though that behind the scenes everyone involved were very dedicated to rebuild Joplin. I salute all of the thousands of volunteers, numerous suppliers and donors. The two builders for the project, Milestone Custom Homes  and Four State Homes, were remarkable. I cannot imagine the legalistic and numerous details it took to accomplish this project. 
  Joplin, MO has a long way to go with the recovering; they are rebuilding both buildings and lives. This will continue for years. 
  The Joplin CVB is working hard to let people know that their city is ready for visitors. Recently they put out a map of the tornado area in their brochures and handouts. My first thoughts were negative, the idea of making money off of others tragedies didn't seem right. I guess this will be helpful to some. I remember that such maps and even tours were part of the Katherine aftermath.  
  Mr. Bruce and I never think of Joplin, MO as a tourist place. It is just Joplin. Still there are some interesting places to visit. Mr. Bruce's grandmother lived in the apartment where Bonnie and Clyde once lived. Here is the CVB's of "Fun Things to Do" in the Joplin Area. 
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