Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr. Bruce, Jim Bohannon, and Jeanne

       Mr. Bruce is a Jeanne Robertson fan and never misses a chance to hear one of her online interviews. This past Monday Jeanne was on the Jim Bohannon radio show. (Click here to listen to the archived show) Jeanne had put a link on her Facebook page about the show and listening information. Mr. Bruce was so excited to find the show on the radio stations he listens to regularly. Actually, he listens to the show ever so often. 
    When I asked, "who is Jim Bohannon?", you would have thought I asked "who is Oprah?". He went on to explain that Jim Bohannon is from Lebanon, MO and got his radio career start there. Now the show is on hundreds of radio stations nationwide late at night. 
   Jeanne's time slot was 10 pm CST and Mr. Bruce had the radio all tuned in and ready. In fact, all three radios were set, but he ended up listening to the one in the bedroom. (I came upstairs earlier, because I knew I could listen to the archives.) 
   The next morning he was grinning like a fool, he couldn't wait to tell me about Jeanne's interview. Jim gave her almost a full hour to visit. They ran a couple of her audio tapes to let everyone know "just who is Jeanne Robertson?"
  A couple of things really impressed Mr. Bruce; how well prepared Jim was and how many times that he gave the show dates and the website information. (No kidding, some interviewers have no idea who she is, some don't pronounce her name correctly.) 
  Mr. Bruce said for me to be sure and tell Jeanne he listened to her on the radio. Of course, I did that via Facebook and Twitter. 
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