Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, No way

   Didn't we just have Christmas? It seems that my Twitter and Facebook time-lines were filled with New Years resolutions and plans only yesterday. So why does all my calendars say that it's January 10, 2012. I was a bit shocked this morning to see that date.
   I guess time flies when you are having fun. We had a few of days of having a sick tummy that was no fun. We watched about half of the college bowl games, that were great fun. We have had big arguments about the primaries, that was useless but a little fun. We went to see the movie War Horse, sad movie.
   Mr. Bruce was glad to get back to his volunteer duties at CoxHealth Auxiliary after the holidays. Actually, there is a big project going on and he is working extra. The CoxHealth gift shop is being remodeled. That meant things had to be moved out, a temporary store set up, then in a couple of weeks, everything brought back in and reset. This also means sore muscles and a very tired Mr. Bruce.
  As for me, well MissDazey had plans too. I had a list of computer stuff to relearn. (Memory problems are always an exciting activity.) Instead, I have been on a research kick. 
  We are planning a couple of trips this spring. There are two Jeanne Robertson adventures on the books, one in Kansas City and one in Louisville, KY. A birthday trip is planned with sister to visit the new museum in AR in April. Mr. Bruce has 2-3 trips ahead; these are business type meetings that he'll take alone. We are working on dates for a trip to Georgia, not sure of that timetable.
  Looks like our calendar is filling up. I hope the days don't go by as fast as the last 10 days did. 
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