Monday, December 12, 2011

Sinatra did it his way

   He did it his way and aren't we glad that he did. I am listening to Siriusly Sinatra as I write. They are doing a special tribute today on his 96th birthday. I am enjoying the little background stories that Frank, Jr. is telling between songs. 
  There are two official Sinatra website; it is my understanding that both are sanctioned by the family. is more of a fan club site with lots of fun tidbits. Also, all the Sinatra family are on Siriusly Sinatra at different times during the week and they mention that site. seems to the official site for buying merchandise. 
   Mr. Bruce is a big time Frank Sinatra fan. He sings along with the radio and CDs and has all the songs memorized. Actually Mr. Bruce has a nice voice. He really likes to sing "Witchcraft". My favorite is the one playing at the moment. Mr. Bruce has several Sinatra CDs, but I am thinking he need this newly remixed one too.

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