Friday, December 2, 2011

Campbell 66 Express Collectibles

   Youngsters are always excited when Santa Claus comes with his bag full of presents. They laugh and dance around, tear off the wrapping, and try out all their new toys.  Little ones exclaim, “This is just what I wanted! See everyone, what I got.”
   Mr. Bruce reacts in much the same way when he finds another Campbell 66 Express collectible. The items are getting very hard to find since it has been 30 years since the company was in business. He has a large collection, and is always looking for more. However, every so often Campbell 66 things are listed on eBay; he always bids on them.
   Last week he hit a collectors jackpot. A seller had just listed a "Campbell 66 "humpin' to please" Snortin’ Norton Chrome Cigarette Lighter"  Also were 2 of the company's magazines, called Camel Tracks. I cannot express what a great eBay seller Larry is; perfect packing, quick answers to emails, and mailed everything asap.    
  Mr. Bruce has most of the monthly Camel Tracks from the time period he worked there (30 plus years). He is trying to fill in the missing copies via eBay and flea-markets. Our new buddy listed some more this week, and we are hopeful not to get outbid. 
  Going through the magazine brings back memories and stories each time Mr. Bruce flips through them. Occasionally someone contacts him about another former employee, usually someone whose Dad worked at Campbell 66 Express back in the day. He will try finding a story and/or picture of them and email the information to the family.
Bruce receives his 25-year pin.
  Speaking of Mr. Bruce and old pictures, here is one of him receiving his 25-year pin from company owner Frank Campbell. (One the right, taken in 1981) The one below is my favorite picture taken back in the day.
Isn't he cute?

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