Monday, November 14, 2011

Volunteer Mr. Bruce

Mr. Bruce and Mr. Bezanson

   Mr. Bruce attended the Missouri Hospital Association's annual meeting last week. He had a very good time, came home enthused about a new fund raising project in the works. (Think Jeanne Robertson)
  He drove his car, escorting three women to the meeting; as he says, "I'm just the driver". Speaking of Jeanne Robertson, and don't I always, he played one of her CDs on the way to Tan-Tar-A. He said everyone was laughing so hard the car almost shook. 
   Besides the typical business type stuff and vendors, he heard two excellent speakers, John Foley and Ronan Tynan. John Foley is a former Blue Angel who is now is head of very successful motivational company. Ronan is the Irish Tenor who sings like an angel; he story is remarkable. (His website not working right so I'm not giving the link. Sorry)
  Robert Bezanson, CoxHealth current CEO, hosted one of the dinners. Mr. Bezanson is retiring soon. His service to CoxHealth is greatly appreciated, Mr. Bruce has always enjoyed working with him. 
  The MHA meeting over early Friday morning so a very tired Mr. Bruce got to rest a bit. That's a good thing because Saturday evening he was at the gift shop to help decorate for Christmas. The volunteers are a very loyal, hard working, and cheerful group. They were back on Sunday to finish it. Mr. Bruce says it looks great. The Christmas Open House will be going on all week at the different CoxHealth gift shops. 
  This brings us to Monday morning, the day I'm writing this. Guess where Mr. Bruce is? That's right, at CoxHealth North and the big book sale. This vendor has an excellent selection of books for all ages, prefect for Christmas gifts. The book sale is at CoxHealth Walnut Lawn on Tuesday and at South on Wednesday and Thursday. Go by, say hi to Mr. Bruce...and buy a book. Please and THANK-YOU!
  I wrote about the benefits on shopping in a hospital gift show last year. The "Smart Volunteers are Smart Shoppers" story is here.

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