Monday, November 21, 2011

Food For Thought and Thankfulness

   The blogs, social media, etc are full of everything Thanksgiving this week. Recipes are being shared, family stories told, friends chatting, and travel plans made. There are reminders that we are all blessed in some way therefore, we should count our blessings and share with others not as fortunate. Yes, it is Thanksgiving in America. And yes, Mr. Bruce and I will have dinner with family..we are blessed.
  Last week on Twitter, I came across #foodthanks in posts by Janice Person. I popped over and read the article since she is one of my favorite writers. In fact, I read several of her posts and others on the subject of giving thanks for food and the growers who produce it. The idea is simple, give thanks for food, write and tweet about using the hashtag #foodthanks. 
  I do believe I am more thankful for enough to eat now than I ever have been in the past. Mr. Bruce and I support the good and necessary work of Heifer International, this year we are giving couple of goats and flock chickens.
  OK, the serious stuff is out of the way, let me tell you some of the really, really important and good items I can mark with #foodthanks. These are in no particular order; none is more important than another is.

  • The microwave oven  We use ours from everything from making a cup of tea or warming up leftovers to cooking a complete meal.
  • Convenient, tasty meals Frozen in a bag and ready for the microwave, they make a good casserole meal for us. 
  • Frozen pizza
  • Harter House Our favorite local grocery store. They have great meats, are very friendly, and give discounts for seniors.
  • Drive-thru windows for takeout. 
  • Restaurant workers  Big time thanks for servers who understand I need my water in a cup with a handle. 
  • Ice-cream, cookies, and cheese
  • New food items, such as almond milk and more
  I'm sure this list could go on for pages. The point I am making is I am very grateful for the conveniences of today's food choices that we have in America. I am also aware not every choice I make is the healthiest or cheapest. Mostly I am thankful I have lived long enough and have the means to make these choices. That fact alone is an excellent reason to celebrate and give THANKS! 
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