Saturday, November 5, 2011

A 1940's Musical Night

   We had a perfect evening last night at the show "In The Mood, a 1940's musical review".   The performance was non-stop big band music, singing, and dancing for an evening of memories and pure enjoyment. 
  The following was taken from their website.

                 ABOUT THE SHOW
Much more than a concert, IN THE MOOD presents a retro 1940s musical revue featuring the IN THE MOOD Singers and Dancers with the sensational String of Pearls Big Band Orchestra. The music and the arrangements are as authentic as it gets. This was a time that all America was listening and dancing to the same kind of music.

In the 1940s, the combination of up-tempo big band instrumentals and intimate, romantic ballads set the mood for a future filled with promise, hope and prosperity. This was the time when the music moved the nation's spirit!

   The Hammons Hall for Performing Arts is a great venue, really no bad seats. (We were 7 rows from the front.) It seats over 2,200 and I think almost every ticket had been sold. The audience naturally was definitely in the "elder generation", this was our type of music. We got there early, but the place was already half full. As we waited for the elevator, I noticed everyone was discussing their favorite songs and sharing stories. No loud commotion like I've seen on TV when today's stars are filling an arena, just old folks enjoying an evening of live music.
  Near the end of the second act, they did a "Military Tribute", playing the songs of each branch of service theme songs. They ask all service people present or past of the branch to stand during their song. I've seen this often at the Branson shows, and it always makes me proud to be an American. Mr. Bruce is ARMY. Last night was so moving, the servicemen were all old guys, they stood proud and tall. They were ready to salute, and I dare say were ready to march off again to serve their country with honor. I suspect there were several who had served in WWII or the Korean War. Just writing about this is making me tear up. 
  I am listening to SiriusXM's channel 4 on the computer as I write this story. We have it in the car, decided it was worth paying for it online also. The sound you hear is me singing along. I'll leave the jitterbug to others to do.
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