Monday, October 24, 2011

Shredding Our Paperwork, Not Our Menories

Image by "From My Brush"

  Mr. Bruce took an unusual trip down memory lane on Saturday when he cleaned out some old files. A local document shredding company was doing free shredding for the public and he decided this was the time to go through years of personal papers. 
  Of course, you can guess what happened next, each receipt, contract, paper, etc had to be read aloud, and then he told me the story about it. Some stories were interesting, even entertaining and many just boring.
  He found his hospital birth certificate with his "tiny little foot prints". (Yes, Bruce I see your little foot prints, all babies have small feet.) He found his marriage certificate when he married first wife Jane. (They never did make it to "Monkey Island" for the honeymoon night, etc.) He had his and Jane's W2 forms from the early 60's. He even had Jane's grade cards. (She got all A's. Well, so did I)
  There was a big file of legal papers, by this time I was dozing. However, I got interested when he read the insurance and police reports of the time their house was robbed. The bad guys took a large box of old photos. Mr. Bruce had forgotten that; he had wondered where the family pictures were. The court documents of a couple times he was a state's witness were scary.
  Mr. Bruce and I have different views on remembering the past. I keep very little, like remembering only good stuff and hopefully block out bad times. He on the other hand seems to like reliving the good and the bad. Again, everyone has to do and think about what is best for them. Perhaps in this computer age our grand children won't have so much paper to shred. I do hope they have good memories though.

I want to share a couple sites for neat paper cards, the kind your Grandma keeps forever because someone special sent it. Please tell them MissDazey says hello.

  • The daisies above were done by Gloria Wilson. Her lovely cards can be found on her Etsy Shop called "From My Brush".
  • Kalico Kards are handmade fabric greeting cards. The Kard Lady has a nice selection of cards for any occasion.

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