Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fred Bird meets the Rally Squirrel

Have you heard that the Cardinals won Friday night? 
Do you know that the Cardinals will now play Milwaukee Brewers?

  My goodness, the excitement is building in Missouri for next week's games. Mr. Bruce and I have watched almost every Cardinal game via TV this year. We really thought the season was over, when lo and behold, the Cards got the wildcard spot. The games this last two weeks have been more exciting than any World Series I've watch yet. The team is incredibly talented athletes  led by the best coaching staff in baseball. Manager Tony La Russa is a legend in the baseball. 
  There is one "support player" that is getting a lot of attention these days. He goes by various names, Rally Squirrel is the one I've read about most. He goes by Busch Squirrel on Twitter; he has over 21,000 followers, including me. I lost count  of the articles online and in the news that has been written about the Busch Squirrel.
  The story in a nut shell, the little guy ran across the field a couple of times at the game Wednesday night. One time he dashed across home plate just as Roy Oswalt pitched to Skip Schumaker. It was called a ball, Oswalt thought it a strike. Cardinal fans loved the commotion. (Many of us thought that unnerved the Phillies.) 
  So dear friends, be kind to your backyard squirrels..who knows one of them could end up playing central field for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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