Friday, September 30, 2011

A Silly Day

   My day has been filled with silliness, simple silliness. One of those days when I didn't have "senior moments", I had a "senior day". Since I love to laugh and find the humor in things, it has been fun. Even so, I'm glad it's over.
   Last night Mr. Bruce said "be sure I am up by 6." I waited until 6:15, didn't hear anything from downstairs so flipped on light over the stairs. That is our signal that we are up. Not a sound, so I walk down the steps. Just as I reached the bottom level a deep man's voice said "I'm awake." The voice came from the dark back bedroom, and then this voice appeared standing before me. At the very same time, I was screaming. I have always jumped at my own shadow, so imagine what I do when startled. After I quieted down, I said, "don't scare me again"
  Mr. Bruce had an early morning thing to attend, and then a full day of helping take inventory at the gift shop. I didn't think I'd see him until 5pm, so when I saw his car pull in only 40 minutes after he left, I knew something was wrong. No, nothing wrong, he decided to change clothes. I said, "Don't scare me like that".
  I never cook, well hardly ever, but today I decided to make a meatloaf. I had thought it all through, knew I could sit at the table to mix it. I began setting everything out, hamburger, onion, can of tomato something, bowl, etc. I needed an egg. I searched the refrigerator and didn't find eggs. I decided I'd better freeze the meat, reached for aluminum foil and dropped the box, foil unrolled across the whole kitchen floor. You see, just silliness. When I mentioned to Mr. Bruce that we were out of eggs he opened the frig door to show me the very handy-dandy egg keeper full of fresh eggs. 
  My entire day was like that, little non-important nuisances. Why am I writing about such trivial  things? I had promised myself I would not write stories consisting of a laundry list of my day, but I am still giggling over somethings. Guess it's also good to share giggles with others. 
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