Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rocking and Rolling and COOKIES

   I have been the one rocking this week, rocking on the front porch in my white rocker. It is so peaceful just to sit and watch the birds, the clouds, and not think about anything. 
   Mr. Bruce has been rolling out of bed at 5am this week so he would be ready to leave at 6:30am. He volunteers at CoxHealth and one of his assignments is fundraising chairmen. There is a lobby sale going on this week so he has to be there early. (Why have I have gotten up early too? Silly me!)
   Now to the cookies part of this saga and a lesson in sharing. I love cookies, all kinds of cookies; cookies are part of my daily meal plan. This woman could live on cookies and peanut butter. (No comments on healthy eating please or I won't share my peanut butter cookies.) Oh, I must not forget ice-cream sandwiches..that is a double treat, ice-cream between cookies.
   Earlier this week Mr. Bruce bought a new cookie called "WhoNu" because he had a coupon. He got the crispy chocolate chip variety. These are the most delicious cookies, besides they are actually good for you. Check out their nutritional content of a serving...3 cookies. Usually our bags of cookies stay in the kitchen, but Tuesday evening I took the WhoNu bag downstairs. I was happily munching on one when I looked over to him. There he sat with the open bag of cookies in his lap. As soon as he had one in his mouth, his hand automatically reached for another. Wait a minute, there is something wrong here. 
  I have watched him eat a whole bag of potato chips or a can of nuts in one sitting that way. He was eating them like they were popcorn. No way was I going to let him eat the whole bag of these new yummy cookies.  "What do you think you are doing with the whole bag?" I asked in my most mother-like voice. 
  "I've just had a couple," he said as he bites into his 4th cookie. I was counting.
   I told him that one serving was 3 cookies and besides I didn't want him eating my share. Finally he closed the bag and mumble something about how many cookies had I had. ONE, I replied.
   The mommy comes out in me every so often, the mommy who knows to divide things up evenly. I have counted and made sure he doesn't eat my half many times. Oh, of course there have been just as many occasions when I have been a lovely, sharing wife. But not when it comes to cookies.
   Last night he came in from his volunteer duties carrying a take-out box. One of the women had baked cookies and he brought some home. I counted them; there were 2 strawberry and 2 vanilla ones for each of us. He ate his, I have 2 left. And I'm not sharing. 
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