Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good night, John Boy

   The Waltons is one of the many shows that will live forever in the vast world of TV reruns. Is there anyone who hasn't said, "Good night, John Boy" a few times? Don't we secretly wish our lives would be calmer and civil like they were on Walton's Mountain in the 1930s? 
  I am a news junkie, well a bit of a junkie..more like a concerned citizen. A few weeks ago, I decided I needed a change in my afternoon TV routine, so I clicked around the many TV channels we have with Dishnetwork. Hallmark channel had The Waltons on, just the type of "I don't want to think" kind of entertainment I was wanting. One show and I was hooked. It had been years since I watched any of the shows, not that it matters since I like reruns. (I have watched all the NCIS shows over and over, know the scripts by heart.) 
  The next day that Mr. Bruce was home at 2 in the afternoon, he watched one of the shows with me. He said that he never had been a fan of The Waltons and had watched very few shows. Oh dear, that is just sad.
 You guessed it, he is hooked too. Last Saturday we couldn't agree on what to watch, so we watched 3 hours of The Waltons. That is a bit too much, but at least there was no blood, no sex, and no four-letter words. 
  This wonderful series was inspired by the great American writer Earl Hamner. He narrated the story at the beginning and ending of the show; you actually can imagine him as the grown-up John Walton, Jr. Mr. Hamner has a very interesting website and a blog called "You, Me, and the Lamppost". His writing in still delightful.
  Well, back to our regular programming, in this case Twitter.
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